King Jackpot Bingo Brings You Funtastic Friday

If you have been playing on King Jackpot Bingo, you know all about Funtastic Fridays on the site.  Well, there are some new things being added to the site to make it even better for all the Friday players on King Jackpot Bingo.  The fun began on January 16th for players on the site.  Starting on this date, players found that there was an extra prize to play for in the guaranteed games.  And the game with a guaranteed jackpot of £250 will play on every Friday after nine pm.  This is a great new addition to the already fun time that you can have on Funtastic Friday with King Jackpot Bingo.

There has always been something special about Fridays on King Jackpot Bingo.  One of the things that you can enjoy on the site is your deposit will be given a 50% bonus when it is made on a Friday.  Usually, you will get a 20% bonus on your deposits on the site, but if you make sure that you make your deposits on Friday you will get a whole lot more.  

Not only will you get a bigger deposit bonus, but you will also get to play in the 1p games that take place on Fridays.  The games will take place at nine am till ten am, three pm till four pm, five pm till six pm and then at night from nine pm till ten pm.  There has also been the addition of some free online bingo games on the site every day.  From six till midnight each day on the site you will find free bingo games to play.  The jackpots on these games will have guaranteed prizes of £15.  

You will not have to pay anything for these games so if you are already playing on King Jackpot Bingo why not find the free games for a chance at the prizes with no risk to your money?  And while you are on the site, you should also keep an eye out for the Trendy Top Ten on King Jackpot Bingo.  The games will take place in the Knights lounge bingo room from ten am till eleven am, one pm till two pm, and then again from eleven pm till midnight.  When you are playing in these games, you will get ten free bingo cards for every ten that you buy.

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