King’s Court insurance office worker wins £1.2 at online bingo

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Online bingo is a game of luck and anyone can become lucky at any time. To win at online bingo you do not have to be a regular player. All you need to do is try your luck and play online bingo whenever you feel like enjoying a thrilling game.

This is what Lynsey Mirehouse was doing when she won a staggering £1.2 million. Mrs Mirehouse, a 32 year old insurance office worker from King’s Court, could not believe her eyes when she realised that she had won the online bingo game.

Mrs. Mirehouse said that since she is not a very regular online bingo player she was finding it difficult to accept that she won one of the highest amounts every given out in any online bingo game.

Her husband, Barry Mirehouse, 35, works as a doorman in the Globe Hotel in Cockermouth. The lovely couple had a fairytale wedding four years ago and live in a beautiful terraced house.

If you want to have a similar fate then keep playing and enjoying online bingo. So, forget all your worries and trust your luck. Keep enjoying the wonderful game of online bingo and you will surely win a good prize at some point.

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