Bring-On the Bingo Champions at Bingo MagiX

Bingo Magix

Bingo MagiX is featuring the all new ‘Bingo Champions’ that run all the way from July 7th to 10th of July where you have £600 bonus up for grabs. For this all you have to do is play bingo at any of the 75 ball bingo room, 80 ball bingo rooms and 90 ball bingo rooms while the event runs hot. You have to be on the top five under any of the three categories: ‘Most tickets bought’, ‘Most games played’ and ‘Most Games Won’. Get your bingo shoes out and race fro this bingo marathon where you get to play all the bingo games that you ever wanted to. However, keep in mind that you have to be a depositing player in order to qualify for this championship and your winnings will be credited directly to your account the very next day the event ends.

Bingo MagiX is a known bingo brand when it comes to providing the players with some of the best in the bingo games. The ‘feeling Lucky Today’ runs every single day at the Bingo MagiX where you get to choose your lucky number. If the player manages to bingo on their lucky number their winnings will be doubled-up! So get going and rack your brains for the number that is luckiest to you and win big like never before. For the slot lovers there is the ‘Slots Cashback’ where you receive 10% cash back on all your loses. There appears to be something for every body at the Bingo MagiX where you get to play and win big.

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