July is Retro Month at Crown Bingo

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Crown Bingo is going back to basics with their new retro bingo promotion. The promotion means that they will be offering a host of retro bingo prizes at their online bingo site during the whole of July.

Retro bingo prizes can be won daily and it sees each daily play of bingo given a retro ‘theme.’

The daily retro rundown of online bingo play during each week’s play at Crown Bingo now looks like this:

Memories of school tuck shops and those sweets that you have not seen since you were at school – delicious retro sweets are up for grabs.

Bingo themes surround the 1980’s love of fantastic retro films such as Jaws, The Breakfast Club and Saturday Night Fever.

Wednesday (pre-pay bingo tickets)
Bingo games take you back to your youth with the chance to win family holidays at Butlin’s, Haven, and Hoseason’s.


The themed t-shirts that were big in the 80’s are on offer in online bingo games.

Bingo jackpots will be two retro gifts from designer brand Lush.

Saturday and Sunday

All your favourite games and toys from your childhood are available to win in Crown Bingo’s online bingo games. There will be a range of exciting prizes including Space Hoppers, Solitaire and Ludo.

These prizes are available to depositing players only and can be won daily from Crown Bingo’s online bingo Room 3 everyday (Pre-Buy Wednesday is in Room 2) from the hours of 7pm to 9pm from now until the end of the month.

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