Holiday Bingo bonanza at Mecca Bingo

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Online bingo is becoming popular with players across the world. Unlike traditional bingo games, online bingo provides a unique opportunity to conveniently play the game any time, which is one of its best features. By playing online bingo at Mecca Bingo, you stand a chance to win a short holiday break. This is the latest promotion from Mecca Bingo for the month of July.

With latest Mecca Bingo promotion, winners can either take a holiday break during mid-week or during the weekend depending on their convenience and preference. The four breaks will take place in the Pontin’s holiday camp where you can even select your preferred destination. The best part of this promo is that Mecca Bingo will also provide £100 for each of these breaks which would enable the winners to purchase all their groceries when staying in the self-catering Pontin’s apartments.

So, as everything is literally paid for, all you need to do is just get down there and enjoy. In order to get eligible for this promo, you need to play the bingo games that are involved with this offer and win a minimum of one game. If you win at least one game, you will be invited in the special bingo room where the bingo game to win the holiday break will be played on Friday the 10th of July at 8pm.

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