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Join the Wink bingo five million club

wink bingoWink bingo claim to be the fastest growing online bingo site in the UK, and if you visit their site you will find out why. The website features loads of great bingo games and promotions, and with fantastic chat moderators and exciting chat games players will not be disappointed with the bingo fun on offer.

Current bingo promotions on Wink Bingo feature amazing bingo Jackpots. If your thing is 75 ball bingo, on the 20th of every month at 10pm, Wink are offering an amazing £3,000 guaranteed minimum win. In the 5M club jackpot room for just £1 per card, Wink say there is the possibility to win £5,000,000. Yes you read that right, five million pounds! This surely has to be one of the most amazing potential bingo jackpots anywhere on the web. You can even pre-buy your cards in anticipation of next Thursday now, so why hesitate, visit the Wink site to buy your chance.

If your thing is free bingo, every day at 2pm and 7.30pm Wink are offering its free bingo players the chance to win a guaranteed £50 jackpot prize. The amount may not be quite as high as the five million on offer on the 20th in the 5M club jackpot room, but you can win a cash amount by spending absolutely nothing. Click the 90 Jackpots tab and then enter the free bingo room for your chance to win.

Wink Online Bingo

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