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There have been many people speculating over the recent “HesBack2009.com” promotion that has been causing a great deal of buzz and speculation over who ‘He’ might be.  When you view the ad that has caused so much talk, you will see a giant disco ball hurtling toward earth to the tune of 2001 Space Odyssey.  Are there clues in the ad itself?  Perhaps the disco ball means something, or maybe the music that is playing in the background.  Trying to figure out who is inside the spacecraft has become a great amount of fun for many people online.  

The text in the ad promises that there will be £1 million in guaranteed jackpots and a separate £1000 for whoever guesses who is in that disco ball spacecraft.  The mystery will be revealed on January 26th and the £1 million promotion will begin.

There has been some speculation that it is Foxy from Foxy Bingo inside the spacecraft and that is backed up by a recent article that has appeared in Marketing Week in regards to the promotion.  Of course, there isn’t anything to have stopped Cashcade Ltd. from fuelling the rumour and taking advantage of the situation.  The article appears to be genuine; however, we have decided to hold off until January 26th to find out for sure what is happening with this ad.  In the end, the only way to know for sure is to hold on until the mystery person is revealed.

One thing is certain in all of this.  The advert has caused a great amount of interest and it has gained the attention of those online everywhere, which is exactly its intention.  Whoever is inside the spacecraft and whoever is behind the promotion, they deserve a round of applause for getting all this attention.  And a £1 million promotion is nothing to sniff at, so we will be waiting along with everyone else to find out who is inside that disco ball.  Don’t forget about the £1000 that is going out to whoever is able to guess the correct person inside the spacecraft.  

One thing that can be said about the hesback2009.com advert is that it is a brilliant way to gain attention for the promotion behind it.  Doesn’t everyone just love a mystery?  And one that makes you wait for days for the mystery to be revealed is an even better promotion.  People all over have been having a great deal of fun with the ad trying to guess whose inside and putting forth their theories.  It’s certainly got everyone talking.  

Let’s hope that the promotion behind the ad is as great as the build-up.  With £1 million being offered up, it is definitely off to a good start.  Keep tuned to find out the end of the mystery along with everyone else.  No one will know for sure until January 26th, when all of the speculation will finally be over.  And there will be some lucky winner who will get £1000 for their correct guess.  Take some time and see if you can figure it all out.

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