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Harry’s Bingo £3,000 Tourney

Harrys Bingo has a nice surprise up their sleeves this month for all their online bingo players.  OK, we won’t tease you any longer ……. Harry’s Bingo has put on a very special tournament (tourney) called the £3,000 Giveaway where (surprisingly) they will give away £3,000 in cash prizes.  The prizes will go to the top 15 online bingo players in the Harry’s Bingo tourney.

How Do I Take Part?

First off you have to be a depositing player at Harry’s Bingo, then you simply have to collect Spring Points at Harry’s Bingo throughout the month of May, at the end of the month the top 15 online bingo players who have collected the most points will be rewarded with a cash prize.

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How Do I Collect Spring Points?

You can earn spring points just by playing like usual at Harry’s Bingo, for example you earn 1 spring point for every £2 wagered on online bingo, 1 point for every £20 wagered on slots and 1 point for every £10 wagered on Instant games.  You can keep a track of where you are in the ranking by looking at their Spring Live Leader board.

There are some other hoops to jump through though if you want to qualify for the Harry’s Bingo promotion you will first off only earn points if you use REAL cash to wager with and you also have to have a minimum of 20 points in each category to qualify for example 20 points for bingo, 20 points for instant games and 20 point for slot games.

What Can I Win?

Come first in the Harry’s Bingo tourney to win a cash prize of £800, second place: £500, third place: £400, fourth place: £300, fifth place: £200, sixth place £150.  If you come between seventh and tenth place you will win £100 each and 11th to fifteenth place will win £50 each.

The good news is that if you don’t manage to win any cash prizes then you can always exchange your spring points for cash as for every 100 points you earn Harry’s Bingo will give you £1.  As always Sunlight Bingo would like to remind you to only wager what you can afford.

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