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Gala Bingo Kettering Involved In Violent Robbery

The staff at the Gala Bingo land based hall in Kettering had a nasty surprise last week when four ‘smartly dressed’ men paid a visit to the club at around 9.40am on Wednesday the 5th of May.  These men turned out to be robbers who promptly rounded up the three members of staff who were working in the building, which included two male and one female member of staff.

The robbers then went on to assault and tie up the members of staff so that they could rob the Gala Bingo hall, the criminals eventually ran away with a substantial amount of money which they had stolen from the bingo hall.

All three members of staff who were taken hostage attended Kettering General Hospital after the ordeal but luckily none of the Gala Bingo staff were seriously injured, however they were all understandably, very shaken up.

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Police are currently investigating the robbery and closed the bingo hall for a day so that their forensic team could gather any evidence that the robbers had left behind.  Detective Inspector Andy Nichols said “Reading between the lines, this has happened shortly after they have opened up.  I would imagine it will be a substantial amount of cash” he then went on to say “We will be trawling all of the CCTV in the area. We take matters like this very seriously.”

This violent robbery has also left many of the local residents and workers horrified as they are not used to experiencing such things in their normally quiet town.  Debbie Annett who works in the high street close to the popular Gala Bingo hall said “You don’t expect to see this, especially at a bingo hall at this time of day. There is never usually anything like this. It is a quiet place.”

The whole team at Sunlight Bingo would like to send our sympathies to the Gala Bingo members of staff who were put through this horrible ordeal.

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