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Getting familiar with online bingo rules

Posh Bingo

Online bingo games are played under 90-ball or 75-ball rules which are straightforward and binding on all those who want to play.

The 75 ball games can provide over 6,000 possible combinations of numbers on bingo card which contains 25 numbers randomly selected from 1 to 75. In order to win the game the online player has to mark all the matching numbers which appear on his/her card immediately after they are called. All that a player needs to win is to get all bingo numbers in a particular specified pattern.

There are 5 columns on online bingo cards, marked B, I, N, G, O. These form twenty five squares, five down and five across. 1to 15 numbers are placed in column B, 16 to 30 in column ‘I’, 31 to 45 in column ‘N’, 45 to 60 in column ‘G’ and 61 to 75 in column ‘O’.

Although online bingo rules are not uniform at all sites, the age limit is 18 years of age and above for all sites. Multiple accounts are not permitted and players are prohibited from using abusive and foul language at bingo cafes. All players are expected to respect Chat Leaders (CL) and other bingo players at all times.

Online bingo sites frame their own rules regarding deposits and payouts. Most sites demand a minimum deposit from players. Bingo café offer bonus bucks and cash prizes to winning players.

You must know rules of the online bingo site before signing up so that you don’t violate them and get penalised. The CL is authorised to remove any player for breach of rules.

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