Game Village Bingo Mid Week Games

If you have been playing online bingo for any length of time, then you probably have thought that the best promotions happen at the weekends. This was usually the case because it was the busiest times on most sites. However, there is definitely something happening on Game Village Bingo with their mid week games. It seems there is never a bad day to try and bring new players to the site for some fun online bingo. Game Village seems to have chosen Wednesday as their favourite day of the week, with some of the promotions and games they are offering to their players.

When you visit Game Village Bingo, you will find that there are plenty of prizes and games for you to enjoy, all on a Wednesday. This means that if you are an online bingo fan, you will find even more reasons to visit the site in the middle of the week than ever before. Speed Bingo is a recent addition to Game Village as well. The players certainly love it and it has been a big hit since its inception. There will also be a 90 ball bingo version of the game later on in the month. Each of the games will give you five different chances to win.

There are plenty more promotions coming out of Game Village Bingo this month. This will make some online players very happy with the site. Just last month, one lucky player won a huge jackpot of £10,000 for playing in one of the guaranteed jackpot games. Imagine how happy that players holidays were!

For those players looking for a uk bingo site that is a little bit different from all the others out there, Game Village has what you are looking for. There are some exclusive games to the site and you will not find them anywhere else online. There are some great cheap games as well with Game Village Bingo, especially handy if you are trying to save a little money after the holiday festivities. Just take a look at the daily offers on the site for some of the greatest opportunities to play bingo for less. There are even games that are played from six to seven pm every day that will give you your money back if you don’t win the game.

Check out Game Village Bingo for all of your chances to play for a low cost or in some cases completely free. There is always something happening with this online bingo site and the fun never stops. If you love your online bingo then Game Village Bingo is for you.

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