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If you haven’t been to the site in a while, you might be in for a surprise when you visit BingoJoy.  They have undergone a complete makeover and the place looks wonderful.  There are some changes on the home page that make it easier than ever to navigate through the site.  This is great news if you are not familiar with getting around on a bingo site.  

Along with the new look, BingoJoy has decided to give their players some new promotions to enjoy.  There are specials just for the VIPs on the site as well as everyone who comes to play bingo on BingoJoy.

The promotions that are for the VIPs will give these players some great gifts.  The site already gives cash bonuses to these players bi-monthly, but they will also have a chance to get £1500 in vouchers to shop in any place that they choose every single month while they enjoy the website.

For those players on the site who are not VIPs there are some wonderful prizes as well.  BingoJoy will be giving away passes to the best theme parks in Great Britain.  The passes are not your typical pass for a day at the park however, they are annual passes.  This means that you and your family will be able to visit the park at any time during the year that you want.  

Players who join the site in January will have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii.  All you have to do is sign up for your account and your name will be included in a draw for this great prize.  If you have played the Nintendo Wii then you know how much fun this can be for the whole family.  Hurry up and get your name in there to win one of these great prizes.  

If you have not been to Bingo Joy in a while, make sure that you get on the site and check out their new look.  BingoJoy is not just about looking good as you will soon learn as you look around at all the cash prizes that you could win by playing online bingo with the site.  You will feel welcomed when you join and get in on the prize draw as well as the ten free bingo cards you will get when you sign up.  Not only that, but you will get a £125 bonus when you make a deposit.  There is no end to the fun at BingoJoy.  So head on over and sign up for your account now.  And for all those players who are on the site already, isn’t it about time you became a VIP?  There are plenty of reasons to become one of these special players.

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