Brand new form of game from Norsk Bingo AS and Parlay Entertainment

Parlay Entertainment, the manufacturers of interactive software and Norsk Bingo AS have jointly created a new type of bingo by mixing modern and traditional forms of games together.

Bingo halls throughout Norway witnessed the introduction of the brand new concept where touch-screen kiosks in bingo halls were directly plugged into Parlay Entertainment’s online bingo product. Fans of bingo, which has gained high popularity in Norway, are overjoyed with online bingo accessibility in traditional bingo halls.

This huge response from bingo fans has prompted Norsk Bingo to plan the rollout of 2,000 of their innovative online tabletop bingo kiosks all over the country. Players can activate their account for playing bingo online at touch-screen desks by simply waving their radio-frequency controlled card in front of screen. This interface enables the funding of players’ online bingo accounts and allows them to play the games of their choice, just as they would do from their own computers at home.

This breakthrough is expected to be a blessing in disguise for the British bingo halls which have been struggling hard for survival due to the 2005 Gambling Act regulations and the heavy burden of taxes. Touch-screen consoles in bingo halls would be likely to attract a big number of fans. As a result, the UK bingo industry would be able to make substantial profits.

According to Parlay’s Perry Malone, the collaboration with Norsk has set a new direction for land-based and online industries.

Bakken Elvsveen of Norsk Bingo described bringing Parlay’s online bingo to bingo halls as a winning combination for all.

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