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Gala Bingo to Use FSC Paper in Land Based Bingo Halls

Gala Bingo land based halls are going to be the first bingo operative to use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper for printing their bingo cards on.  The FSC was established in 1993 due to concerns over global deforestation and guarantees that all the products they back come from sustainable forests.  It is a little known fact that in some countries over 80% of the timber that is harvested is done so illegally.  Scary isn’t it?

Gala Bingo have decided to be the first bingo operation to be more environmentally conscious by introducing bingo cards printed on FSC paper throughout all their land based bingo clubs during April.  All of the gang at Sunlight Bingo want to say well done to Gala Bingo and that we hope more land based bingo operators will follow your lead as everyone needs to do their bit when it comes to tackling environmental issues.

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The Head of Corporate Responsibility for Gala Bingo, Dr Colin Morgan has said the following “We are very pleased to have FSC certification for our paper-based bingo tickets. This is one of the many initiatives we have taken to ensure we are a more sustainable company. Our customers have been asking us for greener ways for them to enjoy their bingo and we are proud to again be a leader in the area of corporate responsibility in the leisure sector.”

Dr Colin Morgan then commented “The move to FSC certified paper tickets is the latest in a number of steps we have taken to reduce our impact on the environment. Gala Bingo has set stretching targets in reducing its carbon emissions and the amount of waste sent to landfill and our customers can also recycle their bingo tickets after they have used them.”

At least we know by playing online bingo, we do not need to worry about the recycling and printing of Bingo tickets as it is not needed.  Just another advantage of playing online bingo – see bet you didn’t know that playing online bingo is helping to save the planet!

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