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Gala Bingo presents the Cash Climber Jackpot

Gala Bingo has recently been pulling out all the stops when it comes to their monthly promotions, however did you know that you could win Gala Bingo Cash Climber jackpot by simply playing any of Gala Bingo 80 ball bingo games, 90 ball bingo games or by playing on a selection of their slot games that are included in the promotion.

Tell Us More About The Cash Climber Jackpots….

The Cash Climber jackpot is an additional prize fund therefore it can be won if you manage to get a full house playing Gala Bingo 80 ball online bingo games in 31 balls/calls or less or 32 calls or less for their 90 ball bingo games.  It is possible for Gala Bingo players to win the full house prize as well as the Cash Climber Jackpot.  The Cash Climber jackpot is always increasing, currently at the time of writing it is over £15,000 and growing by the second.  Players can keep track of what the Cash Climber Jackpot is by either looking on Gala Bingo home page or by looking at the left hand corner of the game screen when playing a game that is included in the Cash Climber promotion.

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Cash Climber can make Players Big Winners……

The Cash Climber jackpot can be won by anyone at anytime no matter what you wager.  The latest winner of the Cash Climber won by wagering 20p on one spin of Gala Bingo Pharaohs Chamber and walked away with a huge cash prize of £32,476.  This just goes to show that anyone could win at anytime just by playing at Gala Bingo as usual.  Fingers crossed it’s you next.

If you are not yet a member of Gala Bingo and this isn’t enough to persuade you then make sure you also check out their April Showers monthly promotion that will be running throughout April.

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