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Gala Bingo Does It Again, another High 5 winner

Gala Bingo has done it again, astoundingly given away another huge jackpot in their High 5 bingo game.  This time the lucky bingo player was playing at a Gala Bingo club in Rugby in Warwickshire.  All of the team at Sunlight Bingo were so shocked on hearing the news of the big bingo jackpot winner that our jaws nearly hit the floor; there was certainly a lot of fly catching being done!

Earlier in the month you may recall us informing you of another High 5 bingo win that took place in a Gala Bingo club in Hounslow, the lucky bingo player in Hounslow won a jackpot of £253,000 which was reported as being the biggest jackpot ever given away in the history of Gala Bingo clubs.  However, this has now been topped by the win in Rugby as the jackpot was a colossal £260,000!

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As usual with the High 5 Gala bingo game, the prize money is shared between the winner and all the other bingo players who also wager on the game.  This means that the winner, who has decided to stay anonymous, won a massive £135,000 whilst the remaining £125,000 was shared between the other 43 players who each took home £2907.07 just for taking part in the bingo game.

The winner from Rugby was as you might imagine was rather ecstatic with their £135,000 win and told the local newspaper that “My friend and I have been playing together at Gala Bingo Rugby for years.” The winner originally thought that she had won £10,000 when she got a full house, which would have been an exceptional prize in itself, however then going on to find out that they had won hundreds of thousands of pounds  must of been a dream come true.  Congratulations to all the Gala Bingo winners from everyone at Sunlight Bingo!

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