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Gala Bingo Autumn Promotions

There are a lot of good things going on at Gala Bingo (Link to site) with their Autumn Promotions. You could win tickets to the Alexandra Palace fireworks and a trip to London Dungeons when you play at Gala Bingo. For those who like cash, there is plenty of that available at Gala Bingo with their special games going on right now. The events continue through till November 30th so make sure you check them out for some fabulous prizes and fun. You will find a reason to visit with Gala Bingo every day during the autumn promotions.

The fireworks display at Alexandra Palace takes place on November 8th and you have to get in to the game by October 26th for a chance at the tickets. You could win four tickets for a prize at Gala Bingo during this event. This lets you take you and three of your closest friends for a great night at the fireworks.

On Thursday October 30th till November 2nd you could win a chance to win a great surround sound system along with ten horror DVD’s for your prize. For all you horror movie buffs out there, this is the chance of a lifetime.

November 3rd till November 16th will bring you prizes totalling up to £170,000 in the promotions at Gala Bingo during their autumn promotions. During the cash explosion events there are prizes that range from £1000 to £10,000.

From Monday November 17th till November 23rd there are up to £1000 worth of travel vouchers up for grabs at Gala Bingo.

Everyone wins at Gala Bingo between November 24th and November 30th you can get 50p credited to your account just for buying one ticket. You can do this every day during this special time period and all you have to do is buy one ticket. Imagine winning a prize just for buying one ticket. And you get a chance to do it every single day during this time.

From October 27th till November 16th you will have a chance to send in your pictures of the scariest costumes you have. The pictures will be judged and a winner will be declared. That winner of the scary costume contest will win tickets to the London Dungeons. Along with your tickets, you will get dinner in a restaurant and an overnight stay.

This is the way that Gala Bingo treats their online bingo players. Check out the special autumn promotions and get your share of the prizes during this spooktacular time. There’s something going on all the time at Gala Bingo, just log in and see what you could win today. If you are an online bingo fan there is something for you at Gala Bingo. Check out what they are up to for the autumn promotions and you could really win big. All it takes is one ticket and the winning begins. And you get the chance to do that every day during that special event. You will find that there is something special every day during the autumn promotions.

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