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Free Bingo Every Day at Sky Bingo

Do you love free bingo?  Then Sky Bingo is the place to be, they are giving their online bingo players three hours of free bingo every single day.  This takes place in their free bingo room between 9.00am and 10.00am, 4.00pm to 5.00pm and 11.00pm to 12.00pm.  Sky Bingo players won’t win any real cash however, but could possibly win the next best thing which is of course bonus funds that can then be used to purchase free bingo tickets at Sky Bingo.

Easter Bingolinx Game

Sky Bingo has a real treat lined up for its online bingo players this Easter Sunday as they are giving away a guaranteed £22,000 jackpot on their Bingolinx game.  This game will take place at 10.30pm and will pay out a colossal £12,000 for a full house, £6,000 for 2 lines and an impressive £4,000 for one line.  If you want a piece of the Sky Bingo action then you will be pleased to learn that tickets cost 50p each and a maximum of 72 tickets can be purchased per online bingo player.  Remember the prize is guaranteed so one lucky online bingo player will be walking away with £12,000.  We know we are a nag but as always make sure you only purchase as many bingo tickets as you can afford.

Want To Become A Member…….

If the above sounds good to you then you will be pleased to learn that when you become a member of Sky Bingo and deposit and spend £5 within 7 days of opening your bingo account you will be rewarded with £15 for free that can be spent on bingo tickets at Sky Bingo.  It is also worth remembering that you have to spend you £15 bonus within 30 days as otherwise they expire.  However, we expect that the majority of players spend their freebies within the first week never mind the 30 days!

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