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888 Ladies Bingo Have Jackpot Fever

If you haven’t paid a visit to 888 Ladies Bingo for a while then now would be a good time for a visit, even if you just pop in to see the photograph of Vic Reeves dressed in drag sporting a ginger Cleopatra style wig and feather boa it will be worthwhile as it is quite frankly hilarious.  If you are wondering why Vic Reeves is on 888 Ladies Bingo it is because he is fronting their new promotion that is running from now until the 9th of May called ‘we’ve got Jackpot Fever’.

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Do You Want Jackpot Fever?

If you want jackpot fever make sure you take part in 888 Ladies Bingo eight new £888 coverall jackpots where a guaranteed £88 will be won on each bingo game eight times a day.  The eight new bingo games will each have its own designated room and are called:

•    Free and Funky – Play for free daily at 3.30pm
•    Fair Play – All the online bingo players will have the same amount of bingo cards.  Takes place at 4.30pm everyday and cards cost 25p each
•    Groovy Gold – For gold members of 888 Ladies Bingo only.  Plays every evening at 5.30pm and cards cost 25p
•    Disco Coverall – Takes place at 6.30pm and cards cost 10p each
•    Max-Out – Cards only cost 1p each and the bingo game starts at 7.30pm
•    Raffle Razzle – Starts at 8.30pm every night, cards cost 50p each and all the lucky online bingo players to win on this game will also be automatically entered into a raffle to win £200 worth of vouchers at the end of April.
•    1TG Wango – Starts at 9.30pm every night cards only cost 10p each on this game you can also win when you have 1TG (one left to go)
•    Wild Thing – Takes place at 10.30pm each night one of seven different games will take place at random.

If the above isn’t enough of a treat for all you 888 Ladies Bingo players, then you can also take part in Saturday Night Diva to be in with a chance to win £25,000.  Good luck everybody.

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