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Every bingo player is a winner at Gala Bingo’s Rollaball jackpot

gala bingoOnline bingo site, Gala Bingo has introduced an excellent new jackpot game which requires only one person to win for everyone else in the club to win as well. With the chance for everyone in the club to win, the Rollaball jackpot game is definitely going to be quite popular and will increase the number of happy bingo players on the site.

The game will be played four times every day so everyone can be certain of a win at some point in time. The first session of the day will be played at 11:55 am, the second at 3:55 pm, third at 5:55 pm and the last one at 9:55 pm. The reason for so many games being played is that the jackpot will continue to grow until it is won.

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After one win, the whole process will begin again. Recently the Rollaball jackpot was standing at £843 and anyone who wins the jackpot would keep half while the other half will equally be split between other players. This way, everyone playing the Rollaball jackpot wins something.

Everyday, the jackpot increases and along with that, one extra ball is added to the 32 balls that are already in place. This way, the amount of calls increases as well, making it a lot easier to claim the jackpot.

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