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Cheeky Bingo In the Forefront of Freebies

cheeky bingoCheeky Bingo just so happened to be the very first online bingo site in the UK which I saw offering free games for real prize money. I am not sure if I am correct to assume they were the first to offer it, but as I spend so much time working with UK bingo sites, I am pretty safe to assume that they were definitely one of the first.

Cheeky Bingo offer both 75 and 90 ball bingo games for free to member, who don’t have to pay a penny for the tickets. As we speak I am looking at the site, and right on the home page you can see the free games on offer. I can see that four of the six free bingo rooms have cash in their jackpots at present, £10 in Free for All, £5 in Free ‘N Easy, £1 in fancy Free and £50 in the Big Freebie.

cheeky bingoJoin Cheeky Bingo here and start playing for Free!

The point of playing free bingo is to win and accrue a balance in your account which you can use to spend on pay for play games so you can win even more money. But remember to check the terms and conditions because many games and some promotions demand that you are a cash depositor, or must buy a certain amount of tickets for cash to qualify to win.

So it is always a safe bet to open an account and make sure you have put a bit of cash in it first when you take part in the pay for play games, just to be on the safe side. There will be plenty of opportunities made available to play with the money you win in the free bingo rooms.

Cheeky Bingo also offers 1p and 2p guaranteed cash games, these are the Penny Whoppers and Big Twos, give them a try too, with tickets as cheap as that you can’t complain and there is a guaranteed £50 prize pot up for grabs. The 5 and 10p ticket has got some very tasty jackpots prizes on offer too, but the big one on this bargain bingo site is played on a Friday night when £5 000 is up for grabs. Make sure you are there with a ticket to win!

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