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Boom time for Bingo

  • Posted by: Des | Date February 9th, 2009

Today, many businesses are struggling and trying hard to cope with recession. One question that arises is what happens to Bingo in such turbulent times.

Bingo is a gaming industry that has benefited during the tough economic times. Many people spend money playing Bingo with the excitement of winning a large amount of cash.

Bingo offers its players a chance have great fun with their friends instead of spending money at restaurants and night clubs. It is also a cheaper alternative. Brands like Mecca and Gala have hundreds of Bingo halls across the country and each offers the change to win huge house jackpots. In recent times there has been a 25% increase in the number of visitors at the Carlton Bingo hall located in Dunfermline. People are starting to choose Bingo rather than any other alternative night out.

Christina McElhinney, manager of the Forth Bingo Club in Rosyth, said that they have the same number of people visiting their club but the numbers of young players who visit are increasing.

With an increase in popularity, bingo now has numerous online versions and every year there are over 2 million people from the UK who play online bingo.

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