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If you are not sure where to play bingo online then you need some guidance about UK online bingo then you will want to consider Meccabingo.
£10 Mecca Bingo Bonus

In the UK bingo is played in most towns and cities in bingo halls and is a great source of entertainment where you can win cash prizes are other gifts.

In large cities there are bingo halls with huge cash prizes, amazing jackpots and bonus offers for players.

If you want to play online bingo in the UK then you should consider Mecca Bingo as you will not find a bad review of this site on the net. You can ask other online bingo players to once you sign up and join to play online you will have full access to chat rooms that cover any topic of the day and of course the bingo games online that are being played in that bingoroom.

You can also find out more information by registering at www.meccabingo.com and ask for what you need to know. They are only to happy to send you all the information by email that you will need to make an informed decision of where to play uk online bingo.

Most players when they sign up or join a bingoroom use a different alias or name. The name appears in the chat room and many people do not use their real names. This is a bit of fun and not normally used to hides one true identity

Meccabingo.co.uk takes the protection of your personal details very seriously and will not share this information with others. This provides an extra protection of your personal information and is something you may not get at other not so well run uk bingo sites.

Most of the popular bingo online sites in UK maintain safe and protected security protocols by using safe software and operators. The firewalls and SSA encryptions are the best guiding factors for such sites to be declared and safe and protected.

There are sites in UK that are based on bingo news updates and gossips, photo galleries etc. You can keep yourself and your friends updated by accessing these sites and exchanging photos. While www.meccabingo.co.uk is not a site that does this you will still get a real feel for the bingo community at Mecca Bingo.com and I am sure it is a feature that Mecca Bingo.co.uk will be adding in the future to their great online bingo games.

If you want to play online bingo then visit www.Mecca Bingo as this UK bingo site is one of the best and I have done a lot of looking over the years at the numerous games and prizes at UK bingo sites. Many of them have well established online communities and good chat facilities, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

But none like Mecca Bingo - £10 MeccaBingo Bonus

Foxy Bingo is Britain’s favourite online bingo site, a new report suggests.

In a survey carried out by market research firm Kadence Business Research and Market Analysis, UK bingo site Foxy Bingo was named to be player’s top choice in terms of fun, security and friendliness.

Furthermore, Foxy Bingo also received top marks for trustworthiness and community spirit among its online bingo members, Bingo Street reports.

Some 734 bingo players across a number of sites were questioned, with Foxy Bingo - which up until recently featured ex-glamour model Katie Price, better known as Jordan, in its marketing campaign - coming out on top.

Such news may be of interest to those looking for a prime place to play online bingo.

Oh yes! Crownbingo.com have got another game and its a bit of a funny one! Chickeno… yeah you read it right.

So basically you pick up to 15 numbers and then set the chicken away laying eggs. The less numbers you pick the higher the winnings and if you put a £10 stake on you can win a massive £250,000.

The only thing I worry about is the face the chicken makes when it lays an egg! Now that looks uncomfortable lol!

Have a play and see what you think  www.crownbingo.com

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Here is a sneek peek for our Mothers Day Promotion.

Mothers Day Promotions at Crown Bingo

This Mothers Day we are going to treat you all through the day by a lush hamper packs called “relax, take a bath”. These will be given out at random through out the day by our CMs in order to give you a lovely Mothers Day surprise. You won’t know when or where they will be given out… but I’ve heard on the grapevine that the winners will be a 1, 2 line or full house bingo winner. In other words you have to be in it to win it!

The best is yet to come though, because at 7.30pm in room 2 we will be giving away a fabulous fancy sapphire ring from the lovely people over at Gems TV.

They tell us that “well over half a carat of gorgeous princess cut multi coloured sapphires and pave set round diamonds have been used to create this beautiful piece, set perfectly into 14k yellow gold.

And I think its beautiful! If I was Gems TV I would call it the Sapphire Rainbow Ring because the sapphires are in all colours of the rainbow… what do you think?

Crown Bingo give away a £500 ring for mothers day

If you want to get your hands on more fantastic peices like this why not check out Gems TV. They are on Sky Channel 646 & 660 and Virgin Channel 755 & 756, and freeview Channel 43 from 9.45am until 12.45pm.

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Crown Bingo - www.crownbingo.com

Crown Bingo - interactive 3D Lobby and Second room now open

Crownbingo is a sleek and competitive bingo website with some unbeatable offers. This is partly due to the great graphics powered by Virtue Fusion and the excellent bingo deals that they have to offer. 100% deposit bonus on up to £250 is the best new member’s deal that has been advertised and with free bingo to new players it is a great chance to learn the ropes before taking the risk with your own money.

Crownbingo has Karl Seth as the voice of the Crownbingo bingo caller and he was voted Bingo Caller of 2005. Crownbingo online is not the same as the land based crown bingo clubs which may be confusing but nevertheless this is a site that has attention to detail as it’s priority. A 3-step guide to becoming a fully-fledged crown bingo user is given with a full range of questions answered including security issues. They have a regular schedule with quiz night on Wednesday between 6-9pm and Big Money night on Thursday where the 11pm game has £2000 cash to be won. All in all this is a good bingo site with a chance to win a luxury 9 day cruise to the Caribbean on an under 40 call full house and other fantastic prizes too. The progressive jackpots start at £625 on all games. This is hard to beat. So if you are out to win serious bingo kudos this is the site to try your hand at the big money.

Click here to start playing Bingo at Crown Bingo

Crown Bingo is showing the love by donating to the Variety Club this Valentine’s Day.

www.Variety ClubCrownBingo.com is “showing the love” this Valentine’s Day by donating 50% of the prize pool in their special Valentine Charity Night in their second room between 7pm and 9pm and donating another £10 to charity for any new player who signs up and deposits that night*.

We will be donating the money to the Variety Club who hold their Gold Heart Appeal on Valentine’s Day. Traditionally selling their gold heart badges to raise money for their famous Sunshine buses used by organisations who help disabled and sick children in the UK.

Crown Bingo have decided to put their Valentine’s Day promotion efforts into giving back to the ones we love the most instead of the traditional commercial messages you see around this time. And who do the Crown Bingo players love the most?

Karl Seth, Bingo Caller of the year 2005.

No, don’t be silly… their children! Whether that’s their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews or grandchildren.

Thoughout the two hours in their second room we will be playing chat games where roomies can win a gold heart badge as well as their normal £1. Also in the chat room we will be “showing the love” by asking all the roomies to tell each other about the ones they love the most and why.

So what are you waiting for… put 7pm until 9pm on the 14th February in your diary to support one of the UK’s best loved Charities, The Variety Club, through one of the UK’s best loved online bingo sites, Crown Bingo. 

Visit www.crownbingo.com/ and signup for free

Then Email with the code ILOVEU to claim your bonus and £10 donation.

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Online Bingo - Get the Facts.
Not sure if you want to play bingo online for real money? Wondering if you money is safe and secure? Check out the facts below to put your mind at rest.

Who can play?
Anyone over 18 can play bingo in the UK.

Can I play Bingo for Free?
Yes, the majority of online bingo sites will allow players to play for free. This gives you a feel for the bingo site so you will feel comfortable playing for real. You also get a feel for the hall and can make the move to real money play safely.

How do I deposit money?
A credit card is the normal method to deposit money in the online bingo sites, however, most sites allow Paypal, Fireplay, Neteller or Western Union. All of the Bingo Sites Listed in Bingo-Uk.co.uk use secure servers for deposits which means your transactions are safe and secure when playing online bingo.

How do I collect my Bingo winnings?
Prize monies won will be deposited directly into your account where you can withdraw them either into your credit card, online account or by check in the mail. You can keep the money in your account for as long as you like, either to play with at another visit or to withdraw when you see fit. You money is held safely and is fully secure.

Are the games fixed?
The bingo sites are all independantly audited to ensure the games and payouts are fair. The bingo balls are selected by a random number generator.

What happens if my Bingo game connection is broken?
You will not lose the game you are currently playing and your bet will not be lost. The internet is prone to dropping out at times and therefore the bingo sites monitor your play and where you dropped out. When you reconnect, you can pick up from where you were and you will not lose your stake.

Do I have to use my real name?
No, your name and address details will be require to post your winnings but other players will only see a nickname you invent for yourself.

How much can I win?
Online Bingo jackpots in our featured UK Bingo Halls can be as high but are not paid out often. Play responsibly and don’t gamble with more than you can comfortably afford to lose. This isn’t going to make you rich quick so make sure all other bills are covered and that you only play with “spare” money.

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Bingo Scotland was the highest placed Scottish bingo site in Which Bingo’s UK Site of the Year awards, with Think Bingo finishing in first place. Bingo Scotland’s CM Team was also voted the UK CM Team of the Year.

London, UK (PRWEB) January 15, 2008 — Bingo Scotland has enjoyed huge success in both the Which Bingo Site of the Year and Which Bingo CM Team of the Year awards.

The site was the highest placed Scottish bingo site in the prestigious Which Bingo Site of the Year awards (voted for by bingo players nationwide), with their team of Chat Moderators running out clear winners in the equally esteemed UK CM Team of the Year vote, beating a myriad of site from across the UK.

Not only did Bingo Scotland finish as the highest placed Scottish bingo site, they finished above national uk bingo operators such as Gala Bingo and Sun Bingo. The Site of the Year Award was won by Think Bingo.

Bingo Scotland’s Ben Starr welcomed the results: “We’re particularly delighted with our results as they showcase Bingo Scotland’s popularity amongst those best qualified to judge the best from the rest - online bingo players themselves. To be the highest placed Scottish bingo site is testament to Bingo Scotland’s position as the most well established and largest Scottish Bingo site out there, and we’re pleased that our fabulous team of CMs have been justly recognised and rewarded as the best in the business anywhere in the UK. We’d like to thank our players for their continued loyalty and for making Bingo Scotland such a fun and inviting place to be.”

‘Roomie’ Liz Grimley, from Inverness, said: “Well done CMs and all at Bingo Scotland. Very well deserved and you are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!”, and Pamela Stewart from Midlothian made it clear why she feels Bingo Scotland stands out from the crowd, adding “there’s a real feeling of warmth from people in the rooms - a real sense of community”.

Bingo Scotland launched in October 2005 as the only dedicated Scottish online bingo offering, and has since cemented its position as the biggest Scottish Bingo Site. Tens of thousands of Scots have sampled the 24/7 bingo games and chat on offer. Over £20,000 is won every day by Bingo Scotland’s tight knit community of bingo fans, and there are numerous opportunities to win big jackpots every week on their progressive jackpot games and special big money coveralls.

The site welcomes new players to their friendly community every day, each receiving £5 free when they deposit £5 to their bingo account. One such newbie, Margaret Spearey, said: “Although a fairly newish member i felt i had to say how brilliant all the roomies are, making ya feel welcome and including you in chat. I’ve been to lots of other places, but it’s the friendly chat that makes Bingo Scotland so great. Thank you from all new members for being so flippin fantastic!!!”

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Congratulations to Mccab1969, grand winner of the £124,211.34 slots jackpot at Bingos.co.uk! She wagered £60.75 on the “Bring Home the Bacon” slots on Tuesday evening and hit the huge jackpot! WTG Mccab1969! Play for Bingos’ jackpots, you can be our next grand winner!!!

I love BACON! I spent £500 of my winnings trying all the other slots (have always wanted to do, but just scared of losing much). Needless to say, “Bring Home the Bacon” is the best and most generous one (almost every spin gives a prize). You’ve got to love those piggies!

Thank you Bingos for this opportunity to win such a life-changing sum of money. I love reading Winners’ Testimonials on the site. ‘though I sometimes couldn’t believe with the amount of money they’re winning, couldn’t help wondering “are they real winners or just house players (like other bingo sites)?”. With all the guilt in the world, I’d like to scream with excitement “YES, THEY ARE REAL, I’M NOW ONE OF THEM, AND EVEN WON MORE” LOL! Sorry Bingos for this bit of doubt.

Honestly, I never imagined myself writing my own Testimonial now for winning this much.


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www.BingoLotto.tv , a TV bingo game that is about to start on Virgin Media-owned channels in February this year, is expected to raise £16 million for various charities by the end of the first operational year.

The game originated in Sweden, where it is now making £100 million for a Swedish charity alone. The creators of the game are hopeful about potential prospects in the UK.

The game organisers promise to give a minimum of 20% of the total sales to good causes and different UK charities. The first two of the UK good causes that will benefit from the game’s profits are Central Council of Physical Recreation (the representative body for national sports organisations in the UK) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Gert Ekland is certain £16 million is about right for the first year of BingoLotto operations. She is also confident that the following year will double that figure.

“The game has been a huge success in Sweden, even more popular than the country’s national lottery,” Eklund explains. “It is the highest rating show in Scandinavian history, giving about £100m to good causes each year, and we hope to have the same success here in the UK.”

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