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Blackpool Club Bingo is closed and Ruby Bingo has taken its place.

For those of us who enjoy playing gambling games online, games such as bingo, poker or roulette, Blackpool Club Bingo can and should be your first port of call. It is a very sophisticated looking site with none of the frills and frivolities that can sometimes irritate you whilst playing at other online bingo sites. The site tries to recreate the look, and to a certain extent, the feel of actually being in a real life casino and it does this rather well!

offers some great bonuses, especially for those people signing up for the first time. There is a welcome bonus of up to £500, which comes should you make a purchase of £1000 or more. Also, on top of this, if you decide to deposit £50 or more at any stage, you could avail of a 125% bonus, up to £125. Your second deposit with the site will be matched by a 60% bonus and there is also the incentive of earning up to £50 for every friend or acquaintance you refer to the site.

One great aspect of the Blackpool club Bingo is the ability to earn VIP levels while playing the games and for every £10 that is wagered at the casino, one comp point is earned which goes towards your VIP levels. Obviously, the higher the VIP levels the more advantages and options become available to you.
Getting started couldn’t be easier. You will need to register with a few details, download some plug-ns for the software, log in and you are ready to make your millions on the bingo games or any of the other games on offer!

There is also a great option that lets you practice with pretend money, thus helping you build up your confidence and get used to the rules and different options before you decide to dive in head first; meaning a better chance of winning when you play with the real money.

There are so many games to choose from at the Blackpool Club Bingo and as we have mentioned, the intuitive interface gives you the feeling that you are actually in the games hall itself. Apart from the delightful uk bingo games, there are card games, arcade games, slots and video poker games – in fact anything and everything you would expect to find in any casino or games hall be it online or in real life.

With the 24/7 online support, you are reassured that any problems that should arise will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by trained, polite staff. With various payment options open to you, from the usual Visa and MasterCard options that you would expect to find on such a site, to the Click and Buy and Moneybookers, there are a plethora of ways you can deposit money, and if it wasn’t for the fact that you are actually paying in your own money, you’re almost spoilt for choice! Deposit times are instantaneous meaning that you can begin playing straight away and did we mention that deposits are available in a number of different currencies?

Blackpool Club Bingo

has everything you would expect from a site such as this, if not more and with so many different games available and the fantastic online support, there is no chance of getting bored or confused, which means that the time you spend on the site will only be an enjoyable experience.

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