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Cashcade Extends Contract with Dragonfish until May 2014

Cashcade as you may already be aware currently owns some of the biggest names when it comes to online bingo, these include Foxy Bingo, Think Bingo, Cheeky Bingo and many more.  All of Cashcade online bingo sites are currently running on Dragonfish software which is an independent division of 888 holdings.

There has been a lot of hearsay in the online bingo industry regarding if Cashcade would stay with Dragonfish software due to the fact that Partygaming famously bought out Cashcade in July 2009.  Which of course lead to rumours that Cashcade would swap to Partygaming software once their contract with Dragonfish had finished.  This then brought about a two way argument about whether Cashcade would want to possibly disrupt their online bingo players by switching to another software programme.

Cashcade Sticks With Dragonfish

After all the speculation it has recently been announced that Cashcade has signed up for an additional two year deal with Dragonfish which means that they will now be providing the software for all of Cashcade online bingo sites until May 2014.  In this new deal Dragonfish will continue to provide an online bingo solutions as well as platform and back office integration.  Dragonfish will also include full technology service and ePayment solutions.  This just goes to show if something isn’t broke there is no need to fix it.

Gabi Compos who is Dragonfish Managing Director has said “Major standalone networks require software with sufficient flexibility to allow a variety of marketing campaigns that can be integrated into the back office, and Dragonfish can provide this”

The news that Cashcade has signed a further deal with Dragonfish has also resulted in the price of their shares increasing in price.  So it looks like another win win situation for both Cashcade and Dragonfish.

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