Bingo Scotland Online Review

A part of the Think Bingo and Think Bingo Plus family, Bingo Scotland is easy to use and in a similar vein to their 2 other sites.

As with the other 2 sites in the same group, their website makes no mention of a sign up bonus. However upon crediting your account for the first time you can earn up to £100. This works as they double the amount you credit; giving you great value for money.

Also they offer 50% bonus on every credit you make to your after thereafter, giving you a great opportunity to earn yourself extra bingo games!!

Scottie points can also be earned. Working in a similar way to your loyalty store cards, points are earned in various ways on the site. 1000 points is worth £1 of bingo games.

Activity Points
Refer a friend 5000 points

10p card purchases 1 point per card
25p card purchases 2 points per card
50p card purchases 5 points per card
£1 card purchases 10 points per card

Bingo scotland lists a number of prizes and offers up for grabs. For example at the moment there is the opportunity to win a Sony DVD Camcorder, Canon Ixus Digicam or a digitial photoframe.
They have a number of different events on different days, ranging from £1000 jackpots to the chance to chocolates and other luxury prizes.
Like its sister sites Think Bingo and Think Bingo Plus, Bingo Scotland is easy to navigate and the games are simple and easy to understand. Offering a wide range of prizes and not just cash prizes means that the game is much more exciting and it probably wont be long before you’re a Bingo Scotland regular.


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