Another indicator of the Bingo boom

Screen Digest has released a report stating the excellent state of bingo, its progress and the way it is managing to hold up against the recession, which has struck so many industries down. In a report, based on both land-based and online bingo organisations, it was shown that online bingo is the fastest growing part of the online gaming market with immense potential for growth in the future as well.

Rachael Church Sanders, who is the author of ‘Bingo in the Digital Age: Global Market Assessment and Forecasts,’ has mentioned that online bingo operators in the UK have made a whopping £220 million during the last year alone. She also predicts that this trend is only going to continue upwards, despite the global recession. She also added that she expects this trend to continue in areas other than UK over the next few years.

Despite the recession in the UK, the number of online bingo players jumped a staggering 80 percent between June and December 2008 alone.

The increasing level of interest in online bingo is powered by the fact online bingo portals try to outdo each other by offering players many benefits and bonuses, which was unheard of before.

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