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Bingo brings a joyful Christmas for many

A few members of a bingo club in Sheffield were elated after they won a jackpot prize of more than £330,000 just in time for Christmas. Wadsley Bridge Gala Bingo witnessed two enormous wins, firstly by a woman from Stannington, whose numbers came up and another then by another 110 players who shared a prize fund creating a thrilling atmosphere.

The win was the result of a new game called High 5 that was played by the woman. According to the rules of this game if ‘house’ was called on number five, the player claimed half of the rollover jackpot while the remaining half was shared among other players.

Accordingly, the winning woman won a massive amount of £174,367, while the remaining £165,352.82 was shared by the other players. This gave everyone a sum of £1,500 to call their own.

The lucky woman who did not want to be named, said that winning was a wonderful feeling. Describing the uproar in the club, she said that everyone kept thanking her, while some even told her their personal stories. A lady even thanked her for making her Christmas.

Deputy Manager of Gala Bingo, Russell Coggan said that the whole situation was amazing. He said that everyone was charged up, since it was just before Christmas and with the current times, the money meant a lot to people.

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