Betfred Bingo Is Having a Sale

Betfred Bingo

The owners of Betfred Bingo have sold their gambling site for a reported £27.2 million.  The site, Betfred, has not been doing well in the last year or so, especially as it got off to a late start in the competitive online gambling industry.  The company believes that their decision to sell makes a great deal of sense because of the problem with the timing of the site when they first entered the market. 

Even though the sale has taken place, the site will remain and the sports betting part of the site will remain in the original owner’s hands.  The numbers for the site have been good for their last full year of operation.  The 2007 numbers are actually considerably better than they were during previous years when they turned over a much lower profit.  

 Sales on the site made a big increase in March of 2008 when they increased from £949.1 million to a much larger £1.1 billion.  The profit also increased to £13.2 million during this same time period.  This gave the site a 27% increase in sales. 

 The site first came to the public eye when the owner of the site Fred Done gave his Mercedes to the player who scored the winning goal against the Russian team in a very important football match.  The value of the car was a reported £50,000.  

 The financial director of the site, Barry Nightingale is reported to have said that he believes the new owners will continue to increase the strength of the company through all of their betting areas.

 It is hoped by all the fans of Betfred Bingo that the new owners will take care to keep this online gambling site going and bring it back to the days when it was on top.  Why not take a look at Betfred and see how the new owners have continued to provide members with an outstanding service and great games. is an online community of betting sites that allow their members to play casino games, bet on sports games and play online bingo.  The site remains open to new members and will continue to provide the kind of games that online players enjoy.  If it’s been a while since you visited Betfred, now is a good time to take a look and see what is happening on the site.  Make your opinions known about the site and join the community of other players on the site who are interested in keeping the betting site going strong into the future.

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