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So many people enjoy the sense of community that can be found at online bingo sites. You may have noticed the chance to play Team Bingo on a variety of sites all over the internet. Usually you receive bingo points or loyalty points for playing on these teams in the games. The prizes that are given out at Bet365 Bingo are a little bit different and they have recently set up a new prize schedule for their Team Bingo games and these include cash prizes.

If you would like to play in the Bet365 Bingo Team Bingo games, you have the chance to register right up until January 10th 2009. Email all of the team members you would like to join you and the games will begin on January 12th and run all the way through until February 8th. It’s easy to win points in the Team Bingo games with Bet365 Bingo. All you have to do is get a one line win in a ninety ball bingo room and you will earn one point for your team. Two lines win two points and if you get a full house, you will win three points.

But it is the prizes that are astounding with Bet365 Bingo. The first place team will get a holiday for two people to the value of £2000 for every team member. The second place team will win £1000 to share with the team, third place gets £500 to share, fourth place gets £300 and fifth place wins £200. These are just some of the great prizes your team could win if you play online bingo in the Team Bingo games at Bet365 Bingo.

These prizes are different to any other site in online bingo. Most sites require the winners to share the bingo points that are given for their Team Bingo games. All of those cash prizes are not able to be withdrawn from the site and you will have to use them to play on the site instead. That is where Bet365 has set themselves apart from every other uk bingo site with their presentation of Team Bingo.

Signing up on the site is easy if you are not already a member. Take some time now to get in on the Team Bingo games and start assembling your best team of players. It’s a fun way to play online bingo and now you can win some real cash for your team as well.

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