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Become a winner everyday with Gala Bingo

  • Posted by: Irene | Date February 25th, 2009

Bingo is one game that has survived the test of time. Experts say that the reason behind bingo’s eternal popularity is that it provides the excitement of fun and money in one package.

If you are a bingo freak or have just entered the world of bingo, last week was the perfect opportunity to play bingo. Gala Bingo declared that every person who bought a bingo ticket with Gala Bingo was offered a winning bonus of £1.

This amazing offer was only valid for a limited period from 16th Feb to 22nd Feb. The benefit of playing at Gala Bingo is that you can play in any club, at any point and in any game. The winnings will be credited to the player’s account the next day.

To receive their bonus winnings players had to return the next day to play bingo again, this also allowed them to potentially earn more winnings. So this was the right time to give in to temptation and start playing bingo where the winnings are guaranteed and so is the fun and pleasure.

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