Ann Summers Bingo

Ann Summer bingo is now closed, please check out are homepage to find the best online bingo sites

Ann Summer bingo positions itself as the sexy site for uk bingo. There are a lot of pictures of pretty women in revealing clothes and positions. However, they are really not very different from any other well-established Bingo site. They have daily promotions, penny bingo, the opportunity to win cash for life, cash matches for first deposits and one euro free games. Individuals also get a free gift for joining. It is luscious watermelon juicy lube. You get this gift sent to your home if you deposit at least £20 and play a game.

I guess these types of gifts are what differentiates this web site from other online bingo sites. However, you’ll find a lot of the same daily promotions that you find in other established bingo sites.

Ann Summers Bingo has the following daily promotions: “By One Get One Free” Monday’s, “Chatty Tuesday’s”, “Everyone’s a Winner” Wednesdays, Penny bingo on Thursdays, “Fantastic Friday’s”, “Skyrocket Saturdays” and “Cash for Life Sundays”. Upon registration, individuals will get one free euro worth of bingo, which translates to 10 online games for free and you don’t have to put a deposit down.

Players also have the ability to win an Xbox 360 and play other games besides Bingo. These games are your online gaming staples, Plum Royale 20 and Pub Darts. There is a game lobby that has even more arcade games, casino games, slots and scratch cards. If you are a “bingo virgin” and are not sure what the rules are, the site provides you with step-by-step instructions.

You can also do a little shopping on the site and even purchase sex toys, clothes and the like. There is a loyalty program, as well as a VIP membership. VIP members are rewarded with two monthly cash bonuses each month, if they qualify, there is a special prize drawing for VIP members. VIP members are also able to win tickets to important events in the United Kingdom. There is also a team dedicated to VIP queries. You only can become a VIP member if you are invited.

Overall AnnSummers Bingo is a bingo site that provides the high-end basics. For people who are turned off by sexual suggestiveness or would rather not deal with it, this is definitely not the site for you. It might be a little too much. However, they offer the same specials that most other Bingo sites do. There is just a little or a lot of sexuality added to it.


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