888 Ladies Bingo prize winners competition

888ladies bingo

The bingo site at 888 Ladies Bingo provides its bingo players with the opportunity of winning six times every day for a prize fund of £500 without needing to spend a penny of their own money. At 888 Ladies they are urging their bingo players to spend their winnings on themselves rather than anyone else in the family.

888 Ladies Bingo have asked all their bingo winners to write in and tell them what they did with their prize winnings and the stories need to be funny or unique – for all the most unique suggestions, players win 1,000 of loyalty bingo points with their site. For the best prize winning story there is a special prize which has been reserved, which has not yet been announced by 888 Ladies Bingo.

888 Ladies Horoscope Bingo Game provides their bingo players with the chance of winning 30,000 or 60,000 loyalty points, or a personalised astrology chart from Russell Grant. To play their horoscope game, head for the 888 Ladies Bingo site and their Cheeky Chatters bingo room from Monday to Friday between 7pm and 9pm and enjoy the exciting game which sees you matching bingo balls to bingo grids that are in the form of all 12 astrological signs of the zodiac.

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