888 Ladies Bingo offer promotions galore

888ladies bingo

888 Ladies Bingo really have a full range of fabulous promotions for their bingo players on their site, here is a lowdown.

Coverall Jackpot £10,000 weekly

Saturday nights at 10pm with 888 Ladies Bingo means a £10,000 jackpot. This bingo game takes place in the 75 bingo ball format and tickets cost a mere £1. For a chance to win the jackpot you are required to bingo in 50 numbers or fewer, after a 50 call number, the jackpot starts to decrease with every additional bingo ball that is called thereafter. The guaranteed payout for this game is £400.

Coverall Jackpot £8,888 monthly
On the last Friday of the month, this is another bingo game which is to be played in the 75 bingo ball format and tickets cost £1.

Coverall Jackpot £5,000 weekly
Every Monday at 10pm bingo tickets are 25p each. Call bingo in 50 calls with a minimum prize of £150.

Guaranteed Jackpot £1,000 weekly
Every Tuesday at 10pm and tickets only cost 50p. This game is played in the more traditional 90 bingo ball format which offers three chances of winning per game. The bingo prize money is as follows: £50 a line, £200 two lines, £750 full house

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