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888 ladies

888 Ladies are offering £3,000 guaranteed prize money in the ‘run-for-the-money’ team bingo tournament which takes place every month.

The price converts to a huge 3,000,000 bingo loyalty points and you can form a team with up to two of your online bingo buddies to enjoy the fun together.

How to play

Get your online bingo buddies together to form a team and give yourselves a competition name then
Email directly to: teambingo@888ladies.com giving your team name and players user names. To play bingo with your team for the month you must send your email into 888 Ladies before the 7th of the month in which you wish to play.

Your bingo teams will be automatically entered into the following month’s competition so there is no need to re-register.

You may only play in one team at a time and cannot change teams throughout the month you are playing.

If you are struggling to find online bingo mates to join your team then email: teambingo@888ladies.com and 888 Ladies will find your team for you.

The winning bingo team are the ones that are able to call the most ‘bingos’ throughout that month when playing the full house pattern bingo within the 90 ball bingo room between the hours of 8am and 11pm. Should there be a draw, it is the team that calls the most ‘bingos’ on the T pattern who will take the prize money.

So get yourself down to 888 Ladies for some online bingo fun.

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