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Mecca Bingo has come up with £50,000 jackpot

Mecca BingoWith the new promotion, Mecca Bingo assures there will be a win of £50,000. Before, 30th November, the online bingo will give out the guaranteed £50,000 jackpot. So, if you want to participate in this promotional game then you need to buy bingo tickets at any standard 90 ball bingo games from any of the site’s multiple rooms.

Apart from only paying to the winner, the site will be giving £5,000 as bonus and this money will be shared amongst the participants of the game. The guaranteed jackpot of £50,000 will be available on all the 90-balls bingo games in bingo rooms.

mecca bingoSign up to Mecca Bingo here!

If you want to win £50,000 guaranteed jackpot then you need to cross all the numbers on your bingo tickets in a particular number of calls. Thus, in a progressive jackpot, the website will give only one jackpot per bingo ticket. This means that the winner cannot win both the fixed and the progressive jackpot for the same game.

Moreover, the bingo ticket needs to be bought using actual cash and not with any free money promotional package. Mecca bingo will give money to the player with their share of the community jackpot within 48 hours of the progressive jackpot being awarded. The money cannot be withdrawn but the players can use the amount to buy bingo tickets and participate in other games.

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