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Loyalty programme offered by Silk Bingo

Silk Bingo has a loyalty programme that makes sure that their customers are taken good care of. Loyalty programmes help to keep customers happy. This helps the site, as customers who are happy with the site recommend them to their friends. The loyalty programmes offer a lot of rewards and incentives to customers who visit and play bingo regularly.

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As soon as a person registers online, they can start collecting bingo points. Players will automatically become a member of the loyalty club once they register on this site. 1,000 loyalty points will be deposited in your online account when you register, Every time you play a game or refer a friend, you will earn loyalty points.

If you register online and collect loyalty points, you can redeem them for cash. This cash will get added to your bingo account so that you can buy bingo cards. 5,000 points will be given to you when you refer a friend. You will gain 1 point when you buy 5p or 10p bingo cards and 2 points on a 25p and 50p card. What are you waiting for? Register on Silk Bingo now and enjoy playing bingo.

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