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Loughborough’s new bingo hall to attract youngsters

  • Posted by: Des | Date May 19th, 2009

cheeky bingo

They say bingo is a game enjoyed by people of all ages but a bingo hall in Loughborough is going a step further to draw younger players into participating in the classic game. The hall will shortly be introducing nightclub-styled bingo games which will have an ambience exactly like that of a nightclub so that it appeals to youngsters.

The new contemporary form of bingo, which is called Meltdown, will be a combination of bingo games and loud music. June 5th will be the day when this is launched. Meltdown has already experienced a number of successful trials at Northampton’s Beacon Bingo Club where drag artists also hosted some of the bingo games.

When speaking about the new feel and look of bingo, Beacon Club’s duty manager, Andrew Collier said that the change gave the place a club atmosphere where people can win money as well. Kevin Farnsworth, the general manager of the club, said that this brand new version of bingo would surely become popular amongst the younger generation, particularly local students.

Only recently Mark Walsh from Leeds introduced Rock and Roll bingo where famous songs from that genre were played during bingo games. Meltdown is just another go at refreshing the game and changing its perception from an old people’s and ladies’ game to something more fashionable that youngsters might prefer.

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