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Look Out For Scrooge on Think Bingo

Think Bingo

Everyone enjoys something different about their online bingo sites. If you enjoy the tournaments offered by some of these sites, you have probably found the ones on Think Bingo to be among the very best. When playing on the site at this time of the year, you will find Scrooge on Think Bingo, cleverly disguised as a chat host. This is all a part of one of the best tournaments that is currently running in online bingo. The tournament will take place on Christmas Eve and promises to be great fun for all who participate.

Make sure you head on over to the Friends room on Think Bingo this Christmas Eve, from ten pm until midnight. Of course, if you are busy preparing for Christmas, you will have until eleven pm to sign up for the game.

All the players who are participating in the game will be asked to choose a number between one and seventy five. When the games start, you will have a chance to type the word gift into the chat when your number is called. If you are the first you will have the chance to choose a player to give a gift to if the last number of the game is even. If the game ends with an odd number then Scrooge will keep all of the gifts to himself.

When the game ends, the three players who have racked up the most gifts will share in a whopping 175,000 bingo point’s jackpot! And that is not where it ends either. The player who has given out the most gifts during the game will be getting 25,000 bingo points.

What a fun way to spend your Christmas Eve after all of the work is done. It’s time to relax and enjoy some online bingo on Think Bingo. Don’t forget about all of the other fun games and prizes that are available on Think Bingo during the holiday season as well. There are plenty of reasons to play with Think Bingo when it comes to your online bingo needs. It’s a wonderful way to make some friends and enjoy this great uk bingo site as there is a warm community of online bingo players waiting to welcome you to the site and make playing games online more fun. All except Scrooge that is, who is just as determined to keep all of the prizes for himself during this latest tournament on Think Bingo. Why not head on over to the site when all of your Christmas Eve chores are done and enjoy a great time and some fun games.

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