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Ladbrokes Bingo Awaiting the Easter Bunny

Ladbrokes Bingo is expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny between Friday the 2nd of April and Thursday the 8th of April.  The lucky Ladbrokes Easter bunny will be bringing some very special Easter eggs with him, paying out a total of £25,000 over the 7 days.  Ladbrokes Bingo players should therefore make sure they pay a visit to the online bingo site during the promotional period as the Easter bunny will be dropping his Easter eggs in random bingo rooms and in random bingo games.  A total of three eggs will be dropped by the Easter Bunny a day.

How Do I Find Easter Eggs?

If you are one of the lucky online bingo players that are playing in a Ladbrokes bingo room when the Easter Bunny visits to drop off an Easter egg then you and all the other roomies that are playing in the same room will win a share of what the Easter egg is worth.  It is worth remembering that you have to have purchased a ticket before the Easter Bunny enters the room to qualify for a share of the prize.

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What are the Prizes?

There will be 21 different prizes in total, and 3 Easter Eggs will be found each day during the 7 day promotional period.  The Easter egg prizes can only be won once, and in total add up to a colossal £25,000.  Therefore the Easter eggs will contain one of the following prizes: £4,000, £2,000, £1,900, £1,800, £1,700, £1,600, £1,500, £1,400, £1,300, £1,200, £1,100, £1,000, £900, £800, £700, £600, £500, £400, £300, £200 or £100.  Fingers and toes crossed from all of the gang at Sunlight Bingo, we really all do hope that you are playing when the Easter Bunny makes an appearance.

Don’t forget that you can also earn yourself an extra £10 if you are the first online bingo player to say “Happy Easter, Easter Bunny” in the chat room once the Easter Bunny enters.  Good luck everyone.

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