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Join the Birthday Celebration on William Hill Bingo

  • Posted by: Suzanne | Date January 24th, 2009

January 25th is the day that William Hill Bingo will be celebrating their second birthday. And even though it is their birthday, there are plenty of gifts available for the players who love this site for all of their online bingo. All this week, William Hill Bingo will be giving free bingo to their players and a party at the end of the week to celebrate in style.

Every day this week, there will be lots of free online bingo on the site from nine am until five pm in the Community room. There is a prize of £50 up for grabs every hour until five pm. After that, from six pm until midnight, the prize will go up to £75. And that is not all; those bigger prizes will also be free games for those who are playing on the site. This gives more people a chance to win one of these prizes as they continue all day and night on the site.

The party is another chance for the players on William Hill Bingo to play some exciting games all day long. There is free online bingo well as some special games just for the birthday celebration that will give you an extra special treat.

One of the special games that you can play on the site is called Pass the Parcel and it will take place between seven pm and eight pm on January 25th. There are two rounds of the game scheduled and all players that are in the room at the time who don’t win in bingo will get a chance to share in the £500 prize. You will know that you are playing the game when the CM in the room announces it after the first number has been called in the bingo game.

For all the players who are participating in the birthday celebrations on William Hill Bingo there will be the chance to call a full house on the number two and win a £10 bingo bonus as well as the pot in the game. This is all happening in the Community room between twelve pm and two pm. It will happen again between seven pm and eleven pm later that day.

Don’t miss out on your chance to help William Hill Bingo celebrate their second birthday. There are plenty of gifts for everyone on the site during this special time. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the bingo site before, take in the birthday celebration and play some great bingo to find out what all the fun is about on the site.

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