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Jet Bingo UK to be launched

  • Posted by: Irene | Date August 23rd, 2009
  • Tags: , jet bingo uk

A new bingo site called Jet Bingo UK is going to be launched very soon in the UK. While there is very little information on how it looks and what its features will be, the holding page on the site says that the arrival of the site is imminent. This shows the need for the developers of Jet Bingo UK to keep the site under wraps till it has been completely finished.

Another clue that divulges a little information is a short message at the bottom of the holding page that asks users to go to Jet Bingo UK’s sister site which is called Bingo Café UK.

Another major clue in the unveiling of Jet Bingo UK is the fact that both Bingo Café UK and Jet Bingo UK are powered by leap frog gaming software. This is a big clue in order to know how these sites will look and feel. A large number of people in the UK are excited about this website. The buzz in bingo town says that there is speculation about 3D avatars on the Jet Bingo UK page. This will be the first time online bingo web sites will have 3D avatars.

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