Jackpotjoy Bingo Christmas Monopoly promotion

jackpotjoybingoJackpotjoy Bingo has an exciting new bingo promotion just in time for Christmas, where online bingo players will have the chance to win fabulous prizes by playing their two favourite games: bingo and Monopoly! Monopoly has been the nation’s favourite board game for decades, but on Jackpotjoy Bingo, you don’t just win paper money; you can win massive real cash prizes!

How does the game work?
With Jackpotjoy Bingo’s ‘Play, Collect, Win’ promotion, you simply have to play online bingo games on the site as normal but between 23rd November and 23rd December; the more you play, the more Monopoly property cards you’ll have a chance to collect. And whether it’s Mayfair and Park Lane, or Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street, and The Strand; for every complete set you collect you’ll win a fantastic real cash prize!

Jackpotjoy BingoSign up to Jackpotjoy Bingo here!

How do I enter?
This promotion requires you to pre-register online, and after you’ve done so, Jackpotjoy Bingo will send you all the extra information you need, such as how much you can win and when the winners will be announced.
So, head over to Jackpotjoy Bingo today, because the promotion starts on Monday 23rd November, and you don’t want to miss out on your chance to win!

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