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Jackpot City Bingo moves to new micro gaming platform

Jackpotcity BingoCome November 2009, Jackpot City Bingo is all set to move onto a new micro gaming platform. It has sent emails to all its patrons, which promises a higher frequency of bingo wins and increasingly progressive bingo jackpots.

While making this transition to a new micro gaming platform, as implemented by Dream Bingo, the bingo company has managed to keep promotions at a steady pace for this month. This month’s promotions at Jackpot City Bingo involve a pop-style battle of the bands game, given the current obsession with pop bands.

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The game is a team game where you need to choose a name as per Rocktoberfest in order to play. If your team member wins between 8 and 10pm at Bob’s room, you stand to win a total of £3 just by associating with your partner.

The game is also aimed to increase awareness of new bingo partners through associations and to collaborate and play together. Interested patrons have the unique opportunity to grab a partner and play for a chance to win some extra cash.

At Jackpot City Bingo this month, not only can you form a band with your friend or roomie and win, but also win promising gifts for the rest of October, individually.

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