Instant Wingo at Sun Bingo

sun bingoSun Bingo is full of brilliant online bingo games, free bingo and lots of stunning bingo promotions.

The online instant win games on the Sun Bingo site will now pay out anything up to £5,000 in cash jackpots when playing Instant Wingo. On SNAP the cash jackpots rise to a staggering £50,000 and they can be played from as little as 5p a ticket.

Each night from 9pm Sun Bingo provides their online bingo players with the opportunity to win a fabulous £1,000 in guaranteed full house cash prizes. From 9pm every night be sure to play Sun Bingo 90 to scoop the great jackpot prize. A whopping £1,000 in guaranteed cash jackpots means that Sun Bingo on this online bingo game alone will pay out £7,000 in cash every week.

One of the more unique bingo games at Sun Bingo are their chat games because there is something new every time you play. The ‘Balloon Race’ chat game means that you are required to choose a bingo number between 1 and 80 which is the number of the balloon you own. When your balloon bingo number is called the bingo balloon pops. The player that is able to type “still flying” by the end of the game will win. This is one of the few bingo games that you will play where you hope your number
is not called.
Sun Bingo

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