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Hot ball Monday promotion at Bingo Magix

Bingo Magix

Bingo Magix has a truly hot bingo promotion going on. By taking part in the Hot Ball Mondays Bingo promotion, you can win double on special numbers. This promotion is available on Mondays and all you need to do is deposit and win a bingo game on this magic number.

You can play online bingo games on the Bingo Magix site at anytime throughout the day to win exciting bingo prizes and promotions. And, if you are lucky with the hot ball number, you will get to leave with twice the pot prize which is double the bingo jackpot. However, if you are not lucky enough to grab the double pot, then you do not need to worry as there is enough bingo going around for everybody at Bingo Magix.

Anyone who wins this bingo game gets their share of the pot, and with plenty of bingo games to play, you will not be a loser. With so many offers and promotions currently happening at Bingo Magix, you won’t be disappointed with what the site has to offer.

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