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Harrys Bingo Rewards Players with ‘Let Them Pick’ Promotion

Harrys Bingo has set up a special online bingo promotion for all their loyal online bingo players to enjoy this month, where every single day throughout the month you and the rest of the roomies can pick one online bingo promotion from a list of 18 different promotions running at Harry’s Bingo to play all day long.  Just report which promotion you would like to see running to the Chat Host.

What Promotions Do We Have To Choose From?

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Harry’s Bingo will really be spoiling you rotten as you have the following promotions to choose from:

  • Harry’s Back – Earn 25% cash back on Slot games.
  • Harry Likes Winners – Online Bingo players who get the most wins in a bingo room will be rewarded.
  • Harry’s Neighbours – Guess what online bingo player you think will win the next bingo, if you guess correctly you will win 10% of their bingo prize.
  • Pick Harry Pattern – Bingo on the same pattern twice in a day and get a random prize between 50 and 250 loyalty points.
  • Big Ticket Harry – Online bingo tickets cost £1 each
  • Free Harry Free – Harry Bingo will open a free bingo room for all depositing players.
  • Fix Dem Pots Harry – The jackpot is randomly set between 50 to 100 loyalty points.
  • Jackpot Harry Countdown – Harry’s Bingo will add a bingo ball to the total every other bingo game until one lucky online bingo player wins the progressive jackpot.
  • Harry Coverall – Prize starts at 100 loyalty points and rises depending on how quickly an online bingo player can get a full house.
  • Harry’s Harry BOGOF – Buy one get one free bingo games
  • Roll The Dice Harry – Bingo on a certain dice number for all of the roomies to win 10 loyalty points.
  • Pots Change Every Game – Pots randomly change
  • Double Your Loyalty Points – Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • Harry’s Happy Hour – Ask Chat Host about this game
  • Harry’s Raffle – Raffle to take place during specific time frame
  • TOH Harry’s Way – Fixed prize on every hour
  • Harry Doubles Them Up – Win double the jackpot
  • Speed Bingo Harry – Classic Speed Bingo

Have fun everybody!

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