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  • Posted by: Suzanne | Date August 11th, 2009
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graces bingoJoin Graces bingo today and you can claim an £30 free bingo bonus on your first deposit. The site also offers some great promotions which are always being added to. With thousands of pounds given away in over 150 jackpots each week there is a great chance to grab at least one in games with buy in cards as little as 5p, or even nothing in the all new to Graces bingo free bingo option.

Play in a team of three in the monthly team bingo link. To enter gather two other bingo heads give yourselves a name and send it in to then all you have to do is bank as many bingos as you can which are counted at the end of the month and the higher up the table you finish the more cash your team will win, simple!

Play in some great bonuses at graces bingo the best butterfly to catch this summer is the graces butterfly bonus were if you bingo on the special pattern will be gifted an equal amount of the £500,000 starting from 00:00 on Monday and ending on the following Sunday. Money spider also runs through the same time and is your chance to win up to £50,000 you get three chances a week to win this cash prize played on the special pattern.

There are plenty of other games and promotions to check out on the Graces bingo site, almost any bingo option which you desire is displayed somewhere on the site to suit you.

graces bingo

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