Gone Bingo’s double bingo winnings and cash bonus promotions

gone bingo

Gone Bingo have just begun to introduce real cash bonuses for all their slot game lovers.

Gone Bingo’s slot games have their own special promotions with Double Treat Sundays and Swipe Saturdays. Gone Bingo also offers the chance for cash back on slots, doubling your bingo winnings and a completely free bingo room.

Gone Bingo’s ‘free room’ provides their players with great free bingo games and there is no limit to the number of times you may play or win with many games paying out cash wins of £20.

Every Sunday on Gone Bingo is double points day which means that all your winning points will be doubled when you play bingo games, instant games and slot machines on the site. The promotion starts at 1am every Sunday and continues through until 11.30pm.

If you manage to call bingo in the Gone Bingo ‘Doubling Your Bingo Winnings’ games then you will receive twice as many winnings as you would do otherwise. To qualify you need to deposit £20 to be given your lucky bingo number, with each £20 another lucky number is given to the bingo player. Lucky numbers can be used for 24 hours only.

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