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glorious bingo

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Those who play on Glorious Bingo know that they don’t just give away cash. While there is plenty of games available that have cash as a prize, there are plenty of others that give away some of the biggest prizes in online bingo. Let’s have a look at the current promotions at Glorious Bingo.

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The fun begins with your welcome bonus of twenty free tickets to play when you register your account. You will also receive a 100% cash match on all deposits between £1 and £100. Then you will receive a 50% cash bonus on deposits from £20 to £100. What a way to start off your fun at Glorious Bingo.

The welcome bonuses are just the beginning. Every other Thursday at 9:45 pm, you will have a chance to win a 42 inch flat screen television. Imagine the excitement of winning a great prize like this for only a £1 ticket. Get in on this game every other Thursday and you just might have a great Christmas present to give to your whole family.

The holiday games are heating up on the site and every other Thursday you will have a chance to win £500 holiday cash just for playing one £1 ticket. Check out this great prize and your Christmas dreams will be coming true this year. Along with this prize, you will have a chance to win £100 every day of the week at 8:45 pm. The tickets are only 10p a card for a chance at £100.

Every month on Glorious Bingo, three players will have Glorious Bingo paying the bills. That’s right; Glorious Bingo will pay the electricity, water and gas bills for three of the players every single month. This will give you even more money in your pocket to play online bingo with.

This is only the beginning. Check out Glorious Bingo for a chance at some of the wonderful prizes that are up for grabs. There’s always something happening at this up and coming uk bingo site. For a chance at some of the fabulous cash and prizes, you will have to log in and get your new account. The site is full of fun and prizes along with a great community of players. You will feel warm and welcome when you visit Glorious Bingo for all of your online bingo fun. You might just win some cash to spend on your friends and family this holiday season.

glorious bingo

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